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Do you think that now Jill's married and "under different headship" (excuse me while I gag), she'll actually get to go to proper nursing school and live life a little bit? Derick seems to love Jill for, among other things, her interest in midwifery and mission work - I wonder if Jim-Bob and Michelle will actually take the "transferred to different headship" (*gag*) thing seriously when it's one of their daughters in question?

While I think Derick would be totally okay with Jill doing that if she wanted, I don’t think Jill herself would be all that into it.  Nursing school is pretty rigorous and Jill seems to have found her “thing” with midwifery.  I hope she’ll get to bring those skills with her on mission trips - since she actually has something to contribute to peoples’ well-being - but seeing as they don’t believe in birth control, I imagine all of it will fall by the wayside as we hear about Granddillard #1 being on the way before the year is out. 

I imagine they’ll want to try and keep the mission work up with a family, but I’m not sure if that’ll be possible beyond the two week trips the Duggars take regularly to hang out, paint nails, pet orphans and take pictures.  I can’t imagine a ministry group agreeing to take on a midwife two weeks out of the year unless they were desperate (which they might well be; I don’t really know how many midwife missionaries there are out there, and what the demand is.)

After seeing the question about the duggars needing permission to post photos of children online... Do Americans need to ask permission before filming in a shop? Cause they seem to do it all the time and it must be a hassle to do it every time they leave the house with cameras in tow - but I know you need to ask before filming in shops or restaurants in England (for commercial reasons anyway)

I’m not sure how it works in the USA - my understanding is that when people film in restaurants, stores, etc, for reality shows, there’s usually a bit of give and take there in terms of money exchanging hands, free advertising, etc.  I’m guessing most of what the Duggars do on the show is scheduled way ahead of time.

Zach and Whitney’s Target registry:

Babys R Us registry:

I am so not surprised that the nursery is going to be Winnie the Pooh themed!  Mostly everything they’re asking for is practical and reasonably-priced; no real surprises.  The Pooh stuff is cute as heck, though!


They just confirmed they are expecting a boy and naming him Bradley.

I KNEW it would be a boy!  :D  I think they already confirmed that, but whatever, still excited.  Bradley Bates, has a ring to it.  Not a name you hear much these days - I wonder if it’s a family name.  

I hope Erin and Chad aren’t have difficulty with all the celebration over their impending nephew - I mean, I’m sure they’re excited, but I hope they’re not also dwelling on what could have been.  

Happy birthday to Lawson Bates! 

Orange shirt photos (c) Marci Dauer.

don't the Duggars that are on Mission trips need to get parent's permission to post pictures of the children on social media?

I guess either they don’t need it, they get the permission, or they just don’t think about it, because I’ve never seen a fundie mission trip that didn’t involve myriad social media snaps of children.

Do you ever wonder how long it will be until Joy is allowed to leave the 'I've been redeemed' singing group. She must be so over it at this point...

Didn’t they make Jill do it until she was practically an adult?  Or actually an adult?  Joy’s probably there for a while.


The Pokémon Rap but instead of Pokémon they use the Duggars and all their children’s and grandchildren’s names I would honestly pay for something like that to happen


Fan meeting while bowling last night
Source: duggar family news life is not all pickles and hairspray.


Fan meeting while bowling last night

Source: duggar family news life is not all pickles and hairspray.